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The psychologists at MPS bring much to bear in the way of knowledge, skill, and resources to help with your concerns.  We embrace the Recovery Model outlined by SAMHSA.  By seeking to manage our concerns as we continue to live fully immersed in life, rather than putting everything on hold while waiting for concerns to be "fixed" or to wholly disappear, we can maintain greater engagement and self-direction in our lives as we enhance our understanding and skill in setting and achieving various goals.  Often, people find this active role in treatment affirming and fulfilling; accordingly, our treatment approach at MPS includes interventions designed with the the goal of building and sustaining resilience.  

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At Middleton Psychology Services (MPS), "navigating complexity, building 

resilience" reflects appreciation of the multifaceted, multilayered, ever-changing nature of each unique person while acknowledging the remarkable potential we have to address challenges and overcome adversity. 

People are complicated. We rarely fit comfortably within assigned categories or labels.  As such, we work with you to explore, understand and tailor a nuanced approach to identifying and addressing whatever concerns you identify.

Drs. Roseanne and Carl Middleton, licensed psychologists in the state of Maryland, provide services at Middleton Psychology Services.  

Insurance accepted:  CareFirst & BlueChoice

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navigating complexity, building resilience